Complete or partial audits of Annual Accounts or of other Financial Statements:

  • Audit of individual annual accounts
  • Audit of consolidated annual accounts for company groups
  • Audit of intermediate annual accounts
  • Audit of balance sheets
  • Letters of recommendation regarding accounting and internal control

Limited revisions of Financial Statements and certifications for specific facts.

Special reports of audits required by the current legislation:

  • Capital increase, by credit setoff
  • Capital increase to the debit of reserves
  • Capital reduction to re-establish equity equilibrium
  • Regarding preference subscription rights
  • Regarding share valuation

Audited certifications attesting to the fact that the subsidies obtained have been properly used at their proper destination.

Ecoembes (Paper Recycling Firm).

Work in the judicial field. Attesting to specific facts and specialist reports in civil and mercantile proceedings.